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ComboCars Rental

Our company is the only one that deals with absolutely what needs to be done to rent a car in the shortest possible time.
We do everything so that the customer is satisfied with our services and receives a car in a short time and without problems.

All you need to know about us is that we do everything legally and very safely in a fairly short time and accessible to everyone.

We have cars received from very large dealers in the UK.
We have a wide range of cars that you can dispose of in a very short time.
You can rent a car from us without having a very good credit score.
We offer the possibility to rent a car on lease without credit score.

With us you can apply for rent only by checking the car license and proof of the address where you live.

Do you want to get a car in a very short time without credit check?
Write us a message or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
You can get the approval from us in less than 1 hour and you can have your desired car even after you have received the approval from us.

All Brands.

We have all possible cars at the best prices on the market.

Free Support.

We offer help anytime at any time if you are a customer of ours.


Take a look at our cars and you won't regret it!


Make 4 Simple Steps To
Rent a Car!

If you want to get a car from us, these are the steps you need to take to get the car in less than 2 hours!

Notice: Any car sent by us will be paid 50% of the deposit in upfront and the rest upon delivery.
If you do not agree with these terms, do not send messages for no reason.

Step 1: Date & Location

The first step is to choose the date and location where you want the car to be delivered.

Step 3: Proof of Address & Driver’s License

Send us your personal documents to verify your identity, such as proof of address and driver’s license.

Step 2: Choose A Car

Step two, choose your favorite car from our section with the cars we have available at the moment.

Step 4: Payment & Delivery

After you have been checked and approved, all that remains is to make the contract and the invoice and then deliver the car.


We have happy customers for 500+

Who We are

5 Years Of Experience

We have a lot of experience in this field and we want to develop as much as possible this company is also available in Uk, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy!
We want to exhume ourselves as much as possible and to have a lot of happy clients.